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Clock Blocks - Supreme GT Axle Break Prevention

Clock Blocks - Supreme GT Axle Break Prevention

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RESTOCKED 12/26/23, shipping from inventory. All inventory has been updated to reflect what is available to ship immediately. 



Check out the install video here:

For am install video featuring WTFs, check out Rob at Float World here; and make sure to give him a like and a follow while you’re there he is out there being a hero to the OneWheel community  


Second Update: The Clock Blocks WILL in fact work with any milled or GTR converted HUB with an offset. Spacers will be provided and they will be 100% compatible with all known rail systems that can take a stock GT carrier. This includes all of Tech Rails and TFL rails. 

GT axles are weak! They need protection. The MOB Shop brought you “NimRODs” which added a ton of strength and we’ve kept our R&D going with “Clock Blocks”! The only “Clock Blocks” you’d ever wanna party with! 

We’ve taken the concept of axle protection a step further with “Clock Blocks”, which turn your axle 90 degrees to the side and add the most protection you can offer your OneWheel GT axle. 

Featuring a large, finned block, the “Clock Blocks” won’t just clock your axle, they’ll also help dissipate heat! They’re like 2 products in one. 

Initially available in Black and Silver (raw) anode, this product is now available for preorder. 

Orders will be made by hand in the US and delivered asap. We expect the turnaround to be 2-4 weeks  

Package Comes With: 

- 2 Axle Block/Carriers 

- 4 inner axle bolts 

- 4 rail bolts 

- 2 Cable Covers

- 4 Cover Bolts 

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